>Vier auf einen Streich – so köstlich haben Sie Bagels noch nie erlebt.Four at once –
you've never tasted bagels like these.

The prodigal son returns

If you believe what the experts have to say, then bagels were invented in Vienna during the Ottoman siege. They then took off on a victory parade through North America and reached an apex in New York.

We thought it’s about time to bring the bagel back home — but not without making it a bit better.

Come see for yourself – at Joseph's new Bagel Factory we're serving up the world's best bagels in the city: Albertinaplatz / Führichgasse 6, 1010 Wien

Creating the perfect bagel takes time!

It took several intense brainstorming sessions and a slew of failed tests until we were satisfied with our new twist on these delicious round creations. Over the course of several months, we experimented with various dough types and methods of preparation, all in our quest to make the world’s perfect bagel. If you ask us, we succeeded.

After the last bite, grab a tissue  and wipe your mouth, or dry your eyes.After the last bite, grab a tissue
and wipe your mouth, or dry your eyes.

Every ring
needs a gem

Our treasures aren’t silver and gold—but rather organic sourdough—and are served in a true architectonic jewel. The stunning corner shop on Albertinaplatz between Führichgasse and Tegetthofstraße, is the brainchild of our architect Thomas Pauli and exudes nearly as much charm as our friendly staff, who’s waiting to greet you with a warm smile.

An architectural gem on the Albertinaplatz:  Joseph's Bagel Factory.An architectural gem on the Albertinaplatz:
Joseph's Bagel Factory.

All-round delights –  the greatest thing since sliced bread.All-round delights –
the greatest thing since sliced bread.

Good things come in threes

The world’s best bagels in the city are available in three flavors: white Viennese sourdough, perennial rye with malted rye corns and flakes, and Waldviertler malt. All our bagels are available either plain or topped to your heart’s content.

Our three types of bagel dough are made fresh daily in our artisanal bakery in Waldviertel and formed with our special 2-thumb technique. Before our bagels make their way into the oven, they’re cooked once at our location at Albertinaplatz. No kidding—it’s an essential step to ensuring that unmistakable, indescribable and one-of-a-kind consistency!

After the cooking is done, they are baked on a wooden plank covered in flax seeds. Then they are transferred to a baking stone, atop which they are baked a second time.

Sure it sounds like a lot of trouble to go for a bagel. But if you want to make the world’s best bagel, you have to put in that extra bit of energy and passion. That’s why our team of bakers spent so long fine-tuning our unique recipe. In the end, our goal wasn’t to make a New York or Montreal style bagel—but a unique Joseph Bagel.

Our bagels are hot. And cold.

Our bakers and cooks on site at Albertinaplatz are ready to give you your bagel your way. Whether it’s organic dry-aged roast beef from Höllerschmid and warm ham from Thum or our in-house cured salmon, creamy hummus, homemade cream cheese and many other incredible toppings. It’s how we turn your favorite bagel into a delicious meal.
If you’re in a rush, we’ve got phresh bagels pre-topped in our refrigerated cabinet that are every bit as amazing as their cousins in the bagel bar.

Eye candy for your taste buds:  Joseph's Roast Beef Bagel.Eye candy for your taste buds:
Joseph's Roast Beef Bagel.

But there’s more!

In addition to our bagel creations, we have a huge selection of bread by Joseph Brot at our new shop on Albertinaplatz, plus drinks, salads and desserts—all available in sturdy to-go packaging. Simply perfect for a phine lunch break, to recharge while exploring the city center or as a sandwich to take home. We wouldn’t be worth our weight in bagels if we didn’t offer an array of specialty coffee drinks or ask one of our baristas to whip you up a Golden Kurkuma Latte or Matcha Latte!

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